The Great Coupling

About This Project

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“The Great Coupling” is a performance combining dance, music, visual arts, electronic music and interactive lighting, using wearable interactive technologies. Motion sensors and heartbeat sensor were used to stream data from the dancer and the violinist to the visual and sound artists on the fly. The data are then used freely by the artists to perform live. The story entails the raise of the industrial and digital revolution, as well as the social media. The connections between individuals are stronger than ever before. The society is, thus, “coupled” as a whole. How should we view our individual selves in this new macroscopic world, and face the unknown future led by rapidly advancing technologies?



Director : Ivan Liu
Producers : Ivan Liu, Lisa Lai
Script Writer : Ivan Liu
Choreographer : Billy Chang
Music Design : Daphne Su, Chao-Yu Lin
Animation : Chen Huang
Lighting : Ting-Zhong Ho
Stage Manager : Lisa Lai
Interaction Design and Programming : Legacy Lab International, Kevin Lai, Ching-En Cheng
Photography : Jimmy Wei
Violinist’s Costume : T. C. Chen
Assistants : Shin-Ting Lin, Hsien-Wen Yu, Yaochi Liu


Performed by
Dance : Billy Chang
Electric Violin : Daphne Su
Electronic Music : Chao-Yu Lin
Visual Art : Chen Huang


Performed at
2015 The 6th Digital Art Performance Award


Special Thanks :
Taipei City Government
Quanta Arts Foundation
Digital Art Center, Taipei

Interactive, performance