Nirvana 2019

About This Project

The humanity in the 21st Century cannot live without the convenience provided by technology. This implies the inevitable presence of the industrial by-products such as air and water pollution, as well as other waste materials. Despite the optimistic view that the future world will somehow be clean and green due to the development of green technology, the current status and trend might suggest otherwise. In one way or another, the humanity must face the impact on our lives caused by the industrial pollution and the climate change.


In Buddhism, “Nirvana” is a state without pain, trouble, life or death. It is a state of happiness and contentment. It is also an ultimate state in which Buddhists aim to achieve through a life-long practice. If we take the Buddhism practice as a metaphor for the continuous advancement of technology, then what will the Nirvana be like for us?


In this work, we use recycled waste and fluorescent dye to construct a landscape consists of rocks and running waterfall. The form of the installation reminds the viewer of natural landscapes, and yet the visual image and colors suggest something completely opposite. This visual conflict creates an unsettling experience for the viewers, evoking introspection. On one hand this work can be viewed as a warning or the humanity, and perhaps on the other, a prediction of the future world we will live in.