The Great Coupling 3D Immersion

About This Project

An immersive 3D LED grid integrated with the audience capable of displaying interactive contents with performers.


We combined a large scale immersive 3D LED grid integrated with the audience seat in a theater. The audience therefore are surrounded by the lights during the performance. The lights interact with the performer creating an immediate relationship between the performer and the audience. A conventional motion image is displayed through a 2D screen. By placing equidistant LEDs as pixels in space, we are literally creating a true 3D volumetric display.


The hardware and software systems were developed by our team with mobility and flexibility in mind to accommodate for the change in media content and spatial structure. We can build a 3D model in our software, edit and playback the lighting effects, at the same time generating data we use to control the lighting. So what we see in the program is what we get in reality.  This design enables the installation to be quickly installed and tested on site.