Water City 2018

About This Project

Flowing colour segments intertwine with each other within a complex network constructed by structured layers. The architectural form serves as a metaphor for the foundation of modern civilisation. The dynamics of the fluid represents its underlying energy that is a driving source to keep a society lively.


Legacy Lab International utilises its own fluid dynamics aesthetics and custom-build digital control technology to create segments of colour flowing in transparent tubes. The three-dimensional structure transforms this work into a micro-architecture that yields a different view from each different angle.


The ICAAT (Imperial College Alumni Association in Taiwan) Special Edition selects two shades of blue that are the official colours of Imperial College London. The rectangle formed at the centre is minimalistic and, at the same time, associated with the letter “I”.

Now permanent on display in the Alumni Visiting Centre at Imperial College London. This work was commissioned by Prof. Winston Wong BSc, PhD, DSc, OBE, alumnus of Imperial College.